Make Great Money Doing What You Love

Are you working too hard and not making enough money with your business?

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90% of small business owners are losing up to 60 to 75% of the revenues and profits they could be making. And working 2-5 hours every day longer than they have to.

Owning your own business doesn’t have to be so painful and hard.

When you stop reacting and get calm and clear, you can focus on what’s really important. With the right guidance you can implement street smart strategies and business systems that can  make you more money and save you a lot of unnecessary work and lost time.

Ok the value of clarity is pretty clear. Why is Joy important?

Because joy is your true nature. It’s who you are when you let go of the judgments society puts on you. And when you’re enjoying being yourself and doing what you love in a way that works for you, you have an easy abundant energy that attracts more customers and money.

I empower entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners to get out of their own way and have fun being themselves and doing their best every day.

I’ve been training people in life and business success skills for over 40 years. I’ll teach you strategies and systems that create your inner and outer success.

Gain access to the creative flow of your heart and mind so you can get high performance results from  proven business strategies and systems.  My clients consistently report they have greater clarity, energy and confidence to expand their life and business faster and easier.

Would you love to unlock your talent, do great work you can contribute to the world and make great money?

Before coaching with me, a client was struggling to study for his SEC exam. He had failed once and was feeling a lot of fear and self-doubt. After just two sessions he felt much more focused and confident. He was able to pass the test and is now a successful venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.

When you’re clear headed and confident, you can be much more effective. You can  streamline your business success and enjoy life a lot more.

But chances are, you’re too busy working day to day, You get distracted by details and don’t take advantage of bigger opportunities. There are creative ways you can make more money with  your ideas and talent without having to work so hard. But you probably don’t see even see them.

Get the clarity you need to create your dreams

If you’re like a lot of  entrepreneurs and small business owners, you need to see clearly what’s not working. And then know how you can get the results you’re looking for. I’ll help you focus on these 6 critical steps to make more money with your business.

  • Change habits and beliefs sabotaging your business
  • Let go of unproductive activity and have fun at work
  • Develop a masterful strategy and action plan tailored to your business 
  • Achieve your goals faster and easier
  • Quickly attract more clients and money
  • Get in the flow of  your peak performance so you consistently follow throuigh and achieve your best


What are the benefits to be coached and how my coaching impacted my clients results

“I was feeling really ‘stuck’ with my business. Richard helped me release issues which were causing me to procrastinate. He also helped with very practical marketing strategies. I feel so much lighter and freer and ready to take my sales to the next level. I highly recommend his services.” Pippa Anais Gaubert Austin, Texas


“With Rich’s energy work and the tools that he gave me,  amazing changes were able to happen for me. My businesses are expanding faster, with awesome new people coming into my life, and I am having so much fun creating these changes!” Monica Smith Pleasant Hill, California